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We have a black, 6pc. Soundpercussion drumkit. Well maintained + with regular head changes. Kit is mic'd for the PA system. Drummers are welcome to bring along their own cymbals, pedals, and snare (extra cymbal stands, if drummer uses more than 4). Please refer to FB videos of acts performing here to see kit in use. Lefty drummers are okay, but we will expect them to assist in restoring the kit to righty on the set change or we can book the slot at the end of the bill. 


We have an ampeg b115 amp connected to the PA system. The rig has on board tuner, 5 emulators to select from, a mute for patching in/out, and serves perfectly for the small venue. The bassist can travel light with just a personal bass and any pedals used in the show. 

Our gear includes two house guitar amps. One clean and one dirty. The dirty amp is an epiphone valve jr. modded to 6 Watts and mic'd up for the PA system. The clean is a patch into a Roland kb amp with house distortion pedal. It is linked with a direct out to the PA system. Guitarists are welcome to bring their own amps, of course, please note that it is best to forego the half stack and to bring a combo instead! We have guitar strands to accommodate 10 guitars total. All guitar amps will be mic'd and sent to the PA system. 


There is a baby grand, well maintained and regularly tuned. Keyboard rigs can be sent to the PA system via mixer outs (keyboardists provide) or via di's (we provide)


The club has di's for any miscellaneous instruments, violins, acoustic guitars, etc. We have mics for the performers that are regularly sanitized, it is ok for the vocalists to bring their own mics, we will patch them into the PA system. There are 3 separate mixes for the monitors onstage and we can service in ear monitors also. Please inform us if you plan to use the in ear option. 


The Venue encourages the acts to create posters for the event and provide 3 copies to the club, so we can post them for our patrons to see. Also, we would appreciate your adding The Gallery Cabaret tag to any social media outreach that is done to promote the event. Thank you for your time and effort in making the most of your show at the gallery!


Beer, Wine & Liquor

Full bar features a selection of beer, wine  and mixed drinks.Click link 

to see full menu!


Throughout the event, The Talent receives half off on drinks. Talent is welcome to sell merchandise with no commission to the venue. Having Venmo to receive cashless contribution is strongly advised, it really adds to your end results!


The club is not allowed to sell tickets or charge a cover. Payment for acts derives from a suggested donation, which we hype continuously. 

Photos and Videos

Still photography is allowed; video policy varies per artist.

Talent Only: The club

has a recording feature

included, if the act 

provides a recorder

that will accepts xlr 

inputs and 48v 

phantom power. The

stereo room mics we 

have installed, make

for very good live

recordings. More info

on this feature

provided by request.


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