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ANYONE SEEKING AN ART SHOW – Speak with anyone on staff. Come in after 5pm with a representation of your work. Artist Showcases are every first Friday of the month. Artworks displayed should be clearly labeled and priced. 100% of sales go directly to artist. 


BOOKING YOUR ACT – Contact us via email! booking@gallerycabaret.com 

Send a link to your EPK, Facebook Page, Soundcloud, ReverbNation, Band Website, etc. Include contact information. OR send your press kit to Gallery Cabaret at 2020 N. Oakley, Chicago, IL 60647 (Attn: Booking).


DURING BOOKING – It's encouraged to add other performers/bands to the bill with you. The live music usually runs from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am Friday and 10 pm to 2:30 am on Saturdays. You may opt to have us pair you with other acts. Often we get requests from touring bands, in the event that we need to fill the bill for you, we hope you can be flexible. If you have to cancel, please be considerate. 2 weeks notice, minimum.


PLEASE PROMOTE YOUR SHOW – It greatly helps if you print flyers and posters. Create a facebook event and promote the show utilizing social media, word of mouth, poster bombing and passing out flyers and demos to create interest. We never have a guaranteed crowd on band nights. We will list you on our monthly calendar which will be in print at the bar and shared via the internet.



THERE IS NO TAPE ALLOWED ON OUR WALLS – We have created a special, non-destructive system for hanging artwork and prints. Ask the bartender for “poster putty” or bring some of your own so that you may put your posters up around the bar.


THERE IS NEVER A COVER CHARGE – We are a 65 person capacity bar with cheap drinks. You may have a friend ask for a suggested donation at the door and pass the tip jar in between acts to maximize earnings. Do not rely solely on the bar percentage. If the musical acts bring lots of thirsty patrons to the bar, they will earn a percentage lump sum of the ring for all bands to split at closing time. The sale of all band merch goes directly to the band. We have no fees for playing. Please be organized.



ARRIVING FOR SHOWTIME – You may load in through the front or side door at 10pm (Fri) or 9pm (Sat), set up, then do a brief sound check. We have a ten channel PA you can use, with 8 xlr inputs and 2 1/4″ inputs. YOU MAY PLUG INTO THIS AND SET CHANNEL LEVELS ONLY. If you would like to bring your own sound system, you may do so. Please stop by to review the size of our venue and stage for proper sound requirements. Band members get a drink discount after the live music begins so make sure to introduce yourself to the bartender, and let them know when you are ready to play so that they can turn off the jukebox. There is a fifteen-minute break between sets for jukebox play.


  • If you are a musician who has played here before, a demo may not be necessary, just remind us of when you played last.

  • All the instructions you need regarding booking are on this page and we will not email you further or different instructions.

  • Please remember the Gallery Cabaret is a 21+ venue. That includes band members. All band members must be over 21 and have a valid picture ID. We look forward to seeing you soon! Visit us and give a like on Facebook.